Decking materials

Below is a comprehensive list of the most popular decking materials which will help you better understand the benefits of each material and tailor your material to suit your decking needs!

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Pressure-treated Wood

A large percentage of decks built in Canada are constructed from pressure-treated wood. This is because pressure-treated wood is typically the most affordable deck building material. The problems that arise when building with pressure-treated wood are extensive, and this type of wood is not completely resistance to moisture. This fact alone ensures that if you do not apply a water repellent to your deck on an annual basis, your deck will be highly susceptible to moisture damage, meaning this more cost-effective option is also very high-maintenance.


Red Cedar

Red Cedar is a beautiful decking material that has a great deal of appealing qualities. One if its most valuable features is that it possesses an oil preservative that ensures it is naturally resistant to decay as well as insect damage. Its beautiful colour, grain, and texture also make it a very popular choice, especially amongst those who seek an extremely aesthetically pleasing material. Lastly, Red Cedar is lighter than pressure-treated wood, which makes it easier to work with and much more maneuverable.



Composite Decking is comprised of recycled plastics and wood fibers. It is designed to resemble real wood, however the main difference that separates it from real wood is that composite decking and fencing won't splinter, crack, warp or rot.